Our Mission is 3-fold

Asthma:  We strive to increase asthma awareness, screening locations, education to families in need and efforts to find a cure. As we continue our ongoing endowment in Jovante’s name, we help fund the critical work within the Cincinnati Children’s Asthma Research Division.

Organ Donation:  By working with LifeCenter Organ Donor Network, we are able to continue education efforts on the importance of the gift of life.

Education:  Our “3.8 to be Great” scholarship fund awards two scholarships to a male and female athlete with a 3.8 or greater GPA.

Proceeds from all of our events, programs and donations are shared between these three important goals unless otherwise specified.

About the Jovante Woods Foundation: On August 14th, 2010, Jovante Woods died suddenly from a severe asthma attack. Because of their loss, Jovante’s parents, Ickey and Chandra, were inspired to educate and help prevent others from experiencing the loss of a loved one. One in every ten Americans suffer from asthma, yet many are not aware of how dangerous it can be. The mortality rate for children 19 and under has risen 80since 1980. Asthma has become epidemic accounting for 25% of all emergency room visits and is the #1 chronic disease in our nation. Information and education regarding asthma are woefully sparse. The Jovante Woods Foundation’s goal is to not only raise awareness and educate but support the Cincinnati Children’s Asthma Research Division with their mission to develop more effective medication to control this disease and ultimately discover a cure.


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